This came to me in a dream!! 

So here’s what this is:

$10K in 10 days - a 10-day challenge for badass women leaders that are ready to stop playing small, and make more than 5-figures each month in their business. You down?
I’m hosting my ever popular 10-day challenge that will get you to $10K in just 10 days using the sales and marketing strategies I’ve discovered that bring in cash FAST AND FURIOUS.
I used these strategies for my biggest month ever ($80K cash in the bank) - they work like magic. I do this stuff pretty much every single month in my business. That’s how well they work!
Wanna know what’s happening here?
>> Each day for 10 days, you’ll get a specific assignment that will help you to elevate your money and sales game, and get you into position to bring in $10K or more in 10 days.
>> There will be a journaling assignment + a tactical “go and do” assignment every morning.
>> If you do these assignments, and you follow through with the tasks, it’s a guarantee that you’ll receive $10K or more by the time the challenge is up!
What this will look like:
- You can start straight away, as soon as you sign up. All assignments will be sent to you via email to keep forever.
- Every morning, you’ll receive your daily assignments (1 journaling assignment and 1-3 “go and do” assignments). Do those assignments.
This is ONLY for people who:
- Are willing to do the assignments each day (they will take around an hour to do).
- Have been in business at least 6 months and have some kind of an audience online (even if it’s small!).
- Understand the benefit of investing in their sales and mindset education and are willing to do it. 
What to do next:
First, click button below and register now:
Second, check your email for a message from me. It will include all of the info you need. Plus, some fun bonuses will be in there (see below). 
Third, set the intention, RIGHT NOW, that the 10 days of this challenge will be the best 10 days for you ever. KNOW and BELIEVE that you’re about to receive $10K in less than 2 weeks. Because YOU ARE. I’m SO excited!!
I thank the universe for this $10K in 10 days dream that was put in my head so I could share this magic with YOU.


I know how hard you’ve been working. How many hours you’ve been putting in every day. How many posts you’ve been writing and things you’ve been selling - and STILL not getting past that $10K month.
I know how discouraging that can feel.
I know because that was me for many months in the beginning - until I finally decided that enough was enough, it was time to up my game, and found someone to show me how to make it happen.
I want to be that person for you.
I want to save you so much time and stress and uncertainty and basically give you a list of the EXACT things to do to easily smash the multiple 5-figure months goal!
$10K in 10 days - it’s yours, right now!! Let’s do this!
Click the button below for instant access:
This is gonna be SO good!
Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Is this only for coaches?
A: Definitely not! This is for anyone that wants to make more money, in any business. 🙂
Q: Do I need to have a product/program/course already created?
A: No, you do not need to have anything created in advance. We’ll cover that!
Q: Is this for me if I’m not making money in my business yet?
A: Yes, absolutely!
Q: I don’t have a business. Can I participate? 
A: Sorry! This challenge is only for women that have a business. 

I’m SO excited to support you and teach you the valuable sales & marketing strategies that have enabled myself and my private clients to EXPLODE our cash flow and consistently bring in high-income months.

Do YOU wanna bring in $10K (or more!) in just 10 days?

Join us for the challenge! <3